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If you have a query or need some assistance on your application with Macdonald Hotels & Resorts please use the contact options below to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a query, require technical assistance or would like to report an issue with our application system, please send us an email - 

Can I send my CV as a speculative application?

Yes you can, if you click on View All Vacancies at the bottom of this page you will be directed to our jobs board and find a Speculative Application role. Please apply for this role to show your interest in joining Macdonald Hotels & Resorts.

Can I apply in writing or email instead of an online application?

For roles listed on our careers website you will need to apply online to ensure all our candidates have the same experience. However, if you feel there’s a genuine reason why you can’t apply online then please contact us via our e-mail address to see what reasonable adjustments can be made.